True marketing is no longer purview of large companies with big ad budgets and MBA-lead marketing departments.

The skills are known and available to even the smallest business. In a nutshell, you find the customers that are the best fit for your products, find the right way to reach them and fill their needs better than your competitors do.

What We Do

We work with you to define achievable marketing goals and build a plan that can achieve them.

Simply said, but hard to do. It requires coming to understand your business and, especially, your market as well as you do…and in some cases better.

It requires being able to research your competition and uncover areas where they are weak and you can hit hard. It requires enough knowledge of the online marketing environment to be able to wisely apply marketing dollars toward the best options to bring the highest ROI. Finally, it requires monitoring every dollar spent and moving those dollars away from what isn’t working to what does work.

How We Do It

There are many ways to invest your hard earned ad-spend dollars and many ways to waste it. After coming to understand your goals, your market, your competition and your budgeting constraints we work with you to define channels to use to develop new business.

We define specific campaigns with very controlled budgets and well defined goals. Some of those channels may not be online. Some marketing situations call for offline efforts.

Some situations require a combination of online and offline efforts to achieve the best ROI.
We’re quick to recommend offline efforts if they are warranted by the research we do.

What It Costs

Our initial contact is always free. We begin with a brief interview by phone and try to assess your current situation, your budgeting constraints and your marketing goals. After this initial information-gathering we do research. We look at your website, your market and your competition. This gives us a sense of what opportunities may exist and whether we feel we can have a real impact on your marketing and sales efforts.

Chat iconIf it looks positive we’ll suggest an in-depth call or an in-person meeting. If we don’t believe we can help we’ll tell you why and try to recommend another vendor to work with or even a different way to proceed.

Our fees are based on the scope of the project. We can charge by the hour or by the job. It really just depends on your needs and your goals.


We don’t, however, accept every new client who comes our way. We need to believe that you and your business will be a good fit for us and for our skill set. We need to believe it’s going to be a complete win-win relationship. We need to believe we can make a difference for you. If we don’t feel good about things after an initial discussion, you’ll know about it immediately.

How To Begin

If you have questions or want more information you can call us or send us an email. You’ll be talking with a marketing expert, not a sales person.