Most people, even some professionals, do SEO wrong.

To do SEO right you absolutely must tailor it to fit the marketing goals for the company.

The two mistakes most pros make are:

  • They follow a canned, scripted, approach for everyone.
  • They fail to dig deep enough to understand what their client truly needs.

For example, if you’re doing pay-per-click advertising, you might target different keywords with your organic SEO. Depending on what aspects of your business you’re promoting you may create special landing pages for specific products or services that target less competitive “long tail keywords” to improve traffic to those pages.

What We Do

Lightbulb IconWe begin by helping you define your marketing goals and how they compare to your competition. Understanding what your competitors are doing and where they are spending their efforts will help you target where we’ll focus your efforts. Every market has a hole…an un-scratched itch. Identifying that hole and filling it can give you a way to open profitable new business.

By looking at your marketing goals as a whole we can help you decide what resources should be devoted to SEO and where else you might want to spend your time and money.

Your precious marketing dollars need to be spent very carefully and then watched over like a hawk!

Dollars and time need to flow to what works and away from what doesn’t. Every business with a website needs to have a basic SEO plan. However, your marketing dollars might be better spent focusing on paid ads, or social media or content creation. We can help you decide what works best for your particular situation within your specific market.

How We Do It

Search Engine Optimization is one of those activities that has a base level that must be done and several levels of effort that enhance that base level of work.

Gear IconAt the base level are all the “Technical SEO” activities which include ensuring that search engines like Google and Bing find all the tags and content items they expect to find in order to rank your site.

Paper IconGoing a step above this base level are all the “On-Page SEO” items which help rank individual pages for very specific keywords. These activities include in-depth keyword research, content creation targeting those keywords and ensuring that content is presented in a very user-experience friendly way.

Globe IconThe final step, if you’re going all out in your SEO efforts, are all the “Off-Page SEO” activities. This includes a whole universe of tasks which can be done to create quality traffic to your website from related properties (social media sites), from other blogs and, generally, links from authoritative and relevant websites.

Some companies have the need, time and money to actively work on all these components, many do not. The base level “Technical SEO” activities are required if you hope to rank at all.

How far you go with your SEO investment should depend on an analysis of your budget, your competition, and an assessment of whether your advertising dollars can be better spent looking at other options within the online advertising universe.

What It Costs

Our initial contact is free. We normally conduct an interview by phone and try to assess your current situation, your budgeting constraints and your goals. After this initial information-gathering we do some basic research. We look at your website, your search rankings and briefly look at your competition. This will give us a sense of what opportunities exist and whether we feel we can have a real impact on your search traffic.

Chat iconIf things look positive we’ll suggest an in-depth call or an in-person meeting. If we don’t believe we can help we’ll tell you why and try to recommend another vendor to work with or a different way to proceed.

Our fees are based on the scope of the project. We’ve done basic Technical SCO on small sites for as little as five hundred dollars.

Please understand, we don’t accept every request to employ our SEO skills. We need to believe that you and your business will be a good fit for us and our skill set. We need to believe it’s going to be a complete win-win relationship. We need to believe we can make a difference for you. If we don’t feel good about things after an initial discussion, you’ll know about it immediately.