Website design and development should never be done in a vacuum.

This is especially true for eCommerce websites. The design and the flow must be tailored to the marketing purposes the site is built to achieve. This includes all the factors that must be considered for Search Engine Optimization and online ads.

What We Do

If you design a pretty website that doesn’t factor in all-things marketing, you’re probably wasting your money.

Clipboard icon with pencilBefore we ever talk web design, we help you define exactly what you need your new site to do.

  • How will it advance your sales and marketing efforts?
  • How can we measure what success means?
  • What exact goals are you trying to achieve by investing in a new site?
  • Can your website do more than just help market? For example, can it be a customer service tool?
  • Can it lower your cost to support your customers?
  • Can it provide your employees with a one-stop place to get their questions answered?
  • Can it help train new hires?

After all avenues of market building and cost saving have been explored then we discuss the how-tos…the design and implementation details.

How We Do It

Magnifying GlassWe begin by helping you define the goals for your new site, the time constraints we all need to work within and, of course, the budget for the project. We help you fit what you need into a time frame and a budget that works for both of us.

Gears iconAssuming we agree on the goals, times and dollars, we’ll prepare a concise agreement and statement of work. Every step along the way is defined and every milestone is agreed upon in advance, no surprises.

Small ClipboardYou will be assigned very specific tasks, also predefined, to provide some of the pieces we’ll need to build the site. This could include such things as logo art, existing photos, product specs, company history, personnel bios, etc. Every site will have different needs and we’ll work together to define and agree upon those needs.

There will need to be a single point of contact for us to interface with your business. Someone you choose through whom all communication flows. This will help prevent many of the miscommunication issues that can happen with a website project.

What It Costs

Quite honestly, asking what a website will cost is a little like telling a builder you want a new house and asking for a price before the size, location and build quality have been defined. We’ve built sites for as little as two thousand dollars and as much as two hundred thousand dollars. What we together define as your goals and your time frame will determine the cost. And you’ll know everything upfront.