We are a family owned and operated business who have been involved with web development and web marketing for over twenty years. We built and deployed our first eCommerce website way back in 1996. Not only was it the first website that allowed simultaneous buying and selling of products online, it’s also one of the oldest eCommerce websites still live today. Though we parted company with SecondSpin.com when it was purchased by f.y.e., the name we helped choose, the logo we designed for them and basic layout of the site is largely unchanged.

We know the web. We’ve been there since the early days, and we know how to grow businesses online.

We can show you how to do Internet marketing right.

Regardless of your budget or your business goals we can guide you through the many pitfalls that waste so much time and money. Let’s get together and decide if there’s an opportunity to build your business and to forge a long term symbiotic relationship.
We can show you how to do Internet marketing right…how to use the many low cost tools available to build your customer base and your profits!